The young generation of future designers has visited the LARTE Design production facilities

The young generation of future designers has visited the LARTE Design production facilities Recently, LARTE Design has organized a tour for young students To the Industrial Designing Department of the Quantorium in Togliatti. This is one of the biggest Innovation Centers of Federal network for children in Russia. LARTE Design Appearance Packages During that tour all participants has visited the heart of the studio – Production Department. They all got the chance to follow through all divisions step by step.  All of them have learned where new designing projects for modern cars are born. The inquisitive minds of the future generation of designers were able to visually familiarize and comprehensively examine the components of the stages of the whole tuning project: from prototyping and modeling, to the final stages of painting and drying parts in the end. LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression   As they wished, each of them could temporarily become a model maker who is engaged in complex and painstaking work with sculptural clay: transfer the image from the sketches created by the designers into reality. The level of responsibility was enormous, as they had to practice on the real bumper for the new LARTE Design project. LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression The students of “Quantorium Togliatti” also learned what composite materials are; their types; advantages and disadvantages of each of them. They saw the process of making parts by vacuum infusion and how there are “baking” in the furnace; the cutting works with the help of cutting and sandblasting installations. LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression Perhaps one of the most exciting and memorable stages was the painting stage. The students chose the enamel color they liked from hundreds of samples, calculated the required number of components using the formula, mixed everything they needed and went to the paint booth, where, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, they tried to apply several layers of paint on the parts. LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression   LARTE Design The Art of Self Expression According to the head of Quantorium Tolyatti, Mr.Alexey Kozlov: «The theory always works better when supplemented by practice, that helps make knowledge more tangible and understandable. I think that for those guys who visited the LARTE Design studio and its production department, it was a very big experience, which may give a significant role in shaping ideas about their future profession, and will help make the right step in the field of industrial design and modeling». We are glad to remind that LARTE Design is a Resident of the Zhigulevskaya Valley Technopark, which is a regional operator of Skolkovo Center in Moscow, where the Quantorium Togliatti was created. Its main task is, to popularize technical specialties, develop the skills of self-education, planning a team work among children and young people. A distinctive feature of the Togliatti department is the close interaction of the occurring processes in the Quantorium laboratories with the engineering and manufacturing sectors of Togliatti and the technology park residents.   See more images on LARTE Gallery.
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