Tesla Model S Elizabeta

Elizabeta Tuning Package for Tesla Model S

Elizabeta body kit fits to all Tesla S models starting from 2013 year


What is included in Elizabeta tuning kit:

Front Bumper



Rear Bumper



Rear Diffuser



Front Bumper Insert



Inserts (Rear)


Wing Pad (R/L)



Side Sill Pad (R/L)



Trunk Lid Pad


Front Bumper (onlay)


Brake Light body


Brake Light


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Tuning Tesla S – Elizabeta body kit

LARTE’s Tesla Model S Elizabeta with a boldly re-designed exterior featuring strong and light tuning components made of carbon fiber and basalt fiber. The new Tesla Model S Tuning kit called Elizabeta – is the car of the future.

The art of transformation

The car can be made of basalt fiber – the very light material. This allows the entire external tuning package to weigh less than the original car. For comparison, the standard weight is almost 33 pounds and the new kit only about 29 pounds.

To develop bumpers LARTE company uses innovative materials from basalt fiber. Thanks to these materials, our products have high impact strength and shock-absorbing characteristics. Basalt fiber is environmentally friendly and does not emit any harmful chemicals. It also has a high strength to weight ratio, which makes the outer parts of the vehicle (bumpers, spoilers, etc.) stronger and lighter.

Because of its impressive features, basalt fiber used to make bulletproof vests. This material is also widely distributed in the aviation and space industry. It is extremely important for the production of automotive components in order to ensure safety in the event of an accident. In addition, components made from basalt fiber are resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The use of such materials becomes even more important in connection with the introduction of new standards for the use of fire-resistant and non-toxic materials in the automotive industry in the United States.

LARTE Tesla Model S from LARTE – be among the first to unveil the mystery!

What is new in Tesla S body kit?

The experts of the studio have completely changed the design of the front bumper and grille. The lightning in the front bumper and the lining of the carbon wings, the side sills and trunk lid pad harmoniously complete the overall design. The new rear bumper is equipped with diffuser inserts that also made of carbon. New 22” forged wheels and a unique sound effect complement the representation of the car as an exhibition of new technologies! LARTE Design is for those who seek a car with a sleek, striking design and innovative technologies.

We have also developed a new interior and established a large forged alloy wheels. The vehicle integrated electronic sound of the engine, which demonstrates the power of the machine is 700 horsepower, which will undoubtedly increase the safety of all road users and creates a soundtrack worthy of the attractive appearance of the supercar.

What materials were used to create this EV?

All parts tuning sets made of light and durable material for basalt fiber, or may be made of fiberglass.

Basalt fibers have higher strength to weight ratio, allowing outer parts of the vehicle (bumpers, spoilers, etc.) stronger and lighter. Basalt fiber materials have a high impact strength and toughness, as well as cushioning characteristics.
Equipment may differ from the gallery pictures. Please consult your sales advisor for more details.

To find out where to have Tesla S body kit installed and for cost details?

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