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LARTE Tesla Model S by LARTE – Be among the first to solve the puzzle!

LARTE Design proudly presents its Tesla Model S Elizabeta to be unveiled at the Top Marques Monaco show on April 16, 2015 at 3 p.m. Larte Design CEO Alexey Yanovskiy, invites you to join the revealing of the new car at stand D4.

Myths and legends about the inventor and brilliant engineer Nikola Tesla gave rise to numerous puzzles in the 20th century. To many people, the fully electric Tesla Model S seems to have supernatural power, as it combines ultimate performance and environment-friendly technology. Thus, when the LARTE Designers had to find a name for their latest project involving this car they decided to call it “Enigma” – another word for “riddle”. “To take part in this first revealing of the LARTE Tesla S Elizabeta on April 16 you are cordially invited to join us at this year’s Top Marques Monaco, stand D4,” says LARTE CEO Alexey Yanovskiy.

The LARTE Design Studio’s team embarked on the challenging project of creating a new image for the electric vehicle to make it stand out even more. Paying tribute to the famed inventor Nikola Tesla, who was also called the Master of Lightning, the LARTE studio has sketched lightning-like sharp lines to highlight the sporty nature of this superb vehicle. New interior features and large forged wheels complete the design, which is not puzzling at all but completely intuitive. In contrast to many other electric cars, the LARTE Tesla S Elizabeta will get your acoustic attention, too: The integrated electronic sound module, demonstrating the unbelievable 700 HP’s power, will arouse emotions and definitely increase the safety of all road users. Nikola Tesla was always fond of advanced technology and so is LARTE. All parts of the tuning kit are made of light and strong composite materials. In addition to carbon-fiber, basalt-fiber is being used for this purpose. The latter is generated from lava rock and can also be found in bullet-proof vests as well as aviation and space technology. Basalt-fibers are both very durable and ecofriendly with regards to their production process. “We are very proud of our new car,” explains Alexey: “We have paid close attention to details, craftsmanship, pureness and accuracy of lines and surfaces, to turn this vehicle into a real eye-catcher, expressing the individuality of its owner. Now, we want to invite you to see it for yourself!”

European Style – Crafted in Europe – Now available in U.S.

The LARTE Design Company is a unique team of creative designers, engineers and marketing managers, each of whom have more than 10 years of extensive experience within the tuning industry. Currently, Infiniti, Range Rover, Lexus and Mercedes SUVs are tuned – for the global market and the US in particular. In the medium term, however, the portfolio is supposed to cover other premium brands and vehicle categories as well.

Uncompromising quality aside, this tuning company’s cars are characterized by esprit. The letters ART, being part of the LARTE company name, say it all. At the same time, it is an acronym, formed by the founders’ initials. The “coat of arms” also features four horseshoes, embodying dependability and luck or, for prosaic people, the four alloy wheels on which all LARTE-tuned cars will rest and make car fans’ hearts beat faster.

For more details about the participation of LARTE Design in the show please visit the website of TOP MARQUES MONACO: www.topmarquesmonaco.com
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