LARTE horseshoe Logo becomes registered trademark in the USA

LARTE Trademark horseshoe USA
The LARTE horseshoe logo is achieving more and more fame among car enthusiasts worldwide. Now, the United States Patent and Trademark Office have officially registered the iconic symbol on behalf of the Californian LARTE subsidiary. The mark consists of a large horseshoe that contains stylized versions of every letter from the word “LARTE”, with the characters all stacked on the top of each other. Traditionally, a horseshoe is standing for good luck and prosperity.
LARTE LARTE logo shield
The emblem contains all symbols which reflect the company’s philosophy. The royal blue is the color of the noble origin, and it also symbolizes the Alpine sky which the company founders saw in Germany. The four horseshoes mean good luck and happiness, as well as the succession from a horse to a car. You can notice the letter “K” in one of the horseshoes, which stands for “company”. The eight stripes symbolize eternity and prosperity. The emblem is a harmonious combination of all these signs and a proud symbol of the company on the hood of each produced car. Together, these elements are the proud symbol of the LARTE Design tuning company, which you can also find on the radiator grille of each modified car.
LARTE Trademark horseshoe USA
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