Missuro In Siberia.

Surgut is one of the oldest cities in Siberia, founded soon after the accession of the West Siberian lands to the Russian state at the end of the 16th century. Like the cities of St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Surgut is located at the sixtieth north latitude. But unlike Europe, the climate here is sharply continental. Winter lasts about 7 months, the average monthly temperature in winter is -22 ° C, in summer + 17 ° C. Frosts in winter sometimes reach -50 °C. And here, in a very harsh climatic conditions, located the only representative of the Japanese brand INFINITI – the company “SK-Motors Premium”. Custom made Tuning Kit by LARTE Design

Having opened in 2014, already after 3 years, the company has taken a leading position in terms of sales and customer service quality. And the dealership does not intend to stop at this position. Continuing to move forward and trying to respond to the increasing high demands of its customers, the company tries to work harder and offer the best customers to experienced ones.

The INFINITI dealership works only with those partners who meet, first of all, the high requirements of INFINITI in all aspects, be it design philosophy, safety or quality. And this applies in all respects to the custom-made studio LARTE Design. What LARTE really offers is what customers love, and the Missuro kits are a real hit.

Custom made Tuning Kit by LARTE Design

In addition, the production of the studio passed throught the fire and water, the quality of tuning parts was tested in the harsh conditions of the northern regions of Russia, as well as in the hot climate of California, where the studio has its own sales office.

Today, the SK-Motors showroom presents the last two new Styling Kits by LARTE Design – these are Missuro styling packages for the flagship SUV QX80 and the crossover QX50. Both versions of the design kits quickly gained popularity among Infiniti fans. Choosing a car, the customers pay attention not only to the technical characteristics, but also to its design. In terms of power and optional equipment, the models create a lot of competition with other brands, and LARTE design packages give them additional elegance and individuality.

Tuning Kit Infiniti QX80 Custom made by LARTE Design

Custom made Tuning Kit by LARTE Design

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