Personalisation in details

The unique design, handmade production, maximum attention to the each detail – there are the components of the LARTE Design philosophy, which provide the car’s owners the genuine emotions and a good mood. LARTE Design Tuning parts Our custom style becomes a part of not only our image but yours as well, which you won’t let go either in the city, or if you are traveling outside. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of its accessories, to enhance personalization, LARTE Design began the parts productions with individual nameplates. Here you can find the factory part number, serial part number, and “Custom made by LARTE Design”, which is the autograph of the tuning studio. That nameplate looks very sporty and elegant. Also, it proofs the authentic of the product. LARTE Design Tuning parts The first nameplate has appeared on a ten-thousandth part released by LARTE Design. It was Missuro front bumper for the Infiniti QX80 of 2018. And then it was decided to customize in a similar way all the parts that are manufactured by our company. From now on every part in our custom tuning kit will be supplied with our signature nameplate. As an easy reminder, we want to inform all the Infiniti lovers: The new set of Missuro for the updated Infiniti SUV has been released to the US market in September this year.   LARTE Design Tuning parts    
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