LARTE edges the 2018 QX80

New details of astonishing new bodywork revealed – preorder phase starts now
A short while ago, Infiniti presented its complete rework for the QX80. The result is a very elegant and luxurious SUV. What more do you want? LARTE Design already developed some ideas to make the QX80 even more impressive. The company knows the customer wishes as they already successfully built different body kits for the predecessor. Having revealed some first steps of the design process some weeks ago, LARTE is now ready to show some more details. This will include complete Renderings of the front and rear. The new set will be on sale from September and pre-orders will be accepted as of now. In the United States, the price is 15,990 USD but the products will also be available in many other countries worldwide. Tuning Infiniti QX80 For many customers, as well as the LARTE Design team, the original Infiniti QX80 lacks some aggressiveness and sportiness. That’s why the tuning company completely redesigned the front and rear of the SUV and also added side skirt add-ons plus air-intakes above the front fenders. The all-new black grill with its big spaces is a real eyeturner, when it appears in the rearview mirror. However, certainly the best part is the front spoiler. It is composed of several big air intakes, wings, blades, spoilers, a diffusor, a big wire-mesh opening and many more pointed and edged superstructures. All in all, a battlecruiser on wheels couldn’t be more impressive. Tuning Infiniti At the rear, LARTE Design sounds the bell for the jet age. In conjunction with the big air intakes behind the rear fenders, the four oversized oval tailpipes would perfectly suit the rear end of a fighter plane. The massive rear apron matches the overall picture with ease. Framing the exhaust system on each side, you will find a box-like structure with crossbars, resembling a shutter. In the middle, the new central stoplight is embedded into a small pit, resembling a ruby in its setting. For the work of LARTE’s designers, this would be a good comparison. After all, customizing a brilliant car is like cutting and polishing a gemstone, which has already been beautiful by nature.
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