LARTE Lexus kits on display at dealers showrooms in USA and Russia

What a show! Cars and SUVs from Lexus are quite popular in the USA and Russia. On average, Lexus sells more cars in the United States than Mercedes, BMW or Audi. And this summer, the Lexus NX became Moscow’s most popular premium vehicle. However, the buyer of an expensive luxury car doesn’t want to see the very same model on virtually every street corner. That’s why LARTE Design is offering high-end tuning kits for more and more models from Lexus in order to make every car something unique – such as the LX 570 and the NX. The best thing about this is that you cannot only see the respective program in a printed or online catalogue: As soon as many car dealerships in the USA and Russia discovered that a Lexus with a LARTE kit is a real eye catcher for their customers, they put complete cars on display in their showrooms in ever-growing numbers. Lexus LX Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit The set of LARTE styling components for the Lexus LX570 comprises overlays for the original front and rear bumpers, which will make this Lexus even more impressing. For the front skirt, the parts are available in two sizes. The bigger set also features little spoilers and air vents, framing the standard boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights. The mesh is separated by horizontal protrusions, continuing the bars of the main radiator grille. Thus, the LARTE styling is underlining the width of the car, making it look more dominant and self-assured. Moreover, you can add a very sporty three-part front splitter, which is available in the colour of the car or a contrasting tint. However, there is a second rear bumper from LARTE Design, which offers a completely different look for the LX’s back. In contrast to the original styling package it is less massive but equally aggressive and sporty. It has been designed much airier with slim sills and much space between the different sections. Moreover, it offers more bends, corners and edges, making the shape very masculine and defying. To make the Lexus even more thrilling, LARTE Design offers new additional styling pads for the front and rear bumper to give car owners even more variety.
Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit Lexus 2016 LARTE body kit
Lexus NX Lexus NX body accents In 2014, the Lexus NX started its career with a hybrid powertrain or a gasoline-powered turbo engine. Moreover, many modern advanced driver assistance, comfort and entertainment systems are technologically mirroring the cutting-edge progressive design. However, nearly two years after the debut of the swift SUV, LARTE Design provides a little facelift. The result shows that two or three extra lines can do wonders and edge the whole design. There are only two new styling pads necessary, to give the agile Lexus NX a completely new facial expression. The boomerang-shaped, sharp and angular looking elements seem so advanced that they could have been taken from an alien spaceship as well. Nevertheless, they suit the modern design of the SUV perfectly and look very natural in this context.
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