LARTE DESIGN presents the technical tests of their products

LARTE DESIGN has been creating custom styling kits for premium cars for more than six years. Our technicians pay attention not only to the overall design of each new project, but they also monitor the quality of each and every component that make up our styling kits. LARTE tech tests in the laboratory Our products are made of high-quality composite materials and are certified for use on the vehicle according to the strict standards and procedures established by Germany’s famed TUV. LARTE Design routinely conducts quality control checks of materials, both in production and in testing laboratories. LARTE tech tests For objectivity we choose several samples for out tests. These are composite and basalt samples of our atelier and an ABS sample, a counterfeit product from forgers who copy our products. For greater objectivity, we conduct various tests at different temperatures. This gives a complete picture of how a particular material will behave under normal conditions, in conditions of a hot summer or a harsh winter. LARTE tech tests At elevated temperatures, the LARTE DESIGN basalt fiber component showed greater strength, and experienced less deformation under maximum force. The counterfeit sample was made from ABS plastic and took the last position in this test. At normal temperature, the atelier’s sample collapsed with less effort, showing greater elasticity, close to basalt. This ensures the absence of a load on the body parts during a minor accident. Similarly, in comparison of samples, indicators were demonstrated at a temperature of – 40 ° C. LARTE tech tests In the breaking test our sample naturally gave way to basalt. But compared to plastic and counterfeit products, it showed greater flexibility and elasticity, which preserves the integrity of the part under mechanical loads. At LARTE Design, we focus on details of our components that maximize their performance in a variety of conditions. LARTE tech tests LARTE tech tests Clients who contacts LARTE Design can familiarize themselves with the results of the tests we perform to ensure highest quality and performance of every component of our styling kits.   LARTE tech tests
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