Knight of the road

Infiniti QX70 the tuning kit LR3
LARTE presents LR3 tuning kit for the Infiniti QX70 LARTE Design lives and breathes the art of self-expression like no other company in its field. Offering three different styling kits for the striking Infiniti QX70, the customer can choose the favourite look without having to compromise. The LR3 body kit is the latest invention of the LARTE Design studio for QX70 model. It transforms a regular car into the proud vehicle of a “street knight”. Carrying the custom-made matt black radiator grille with LARTE logo in the center, the driver doesn’t have to fear any styling competition. However, the LR3 kit offers so much more!
Infiniti QX70 the tuning kit LR3 in Hamburg
LARTE front and rear bumpers are made of high quality composite materials and they are the perfect “shiny armour” for a daily city driving. Sharp and bold edges, protrusions, vents and a trapezoid wire mesh characterize the aggressive “face” of our car.
LARTE Infiniti QX70 LR3 in Hamburg
Specially designed headlight plates are an apt ornament for this fierce warrior. Additional two rows of LED-powered daytime running lights made by Nolden are commanding respect from other drivers and seem to say: Don’t even think about “jousting” with this great, muscular car! The side sills and fender flares with aggressively shaped vents make the body 5 cm wider and underline size and power of the car.
The LARTE rear apron is also featuring belligerent vents and a mighty diffuser. The latter is the home of four 101-millimetre black chrome exhaust pipes from Remus. Furthermore, these big barrels are featuring a first class sound and laser-engraved LARTE logos. Towering above this beautiful scene, a dainty roof spoiler is completing the bodywork and optimising the airflow. Oh, what a knight!
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