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LARTE group has been creating tuning kits for over 12 years now. Over this period the company has managed to achieve significant results. For instance, one of the most successful company projects – LARTE Design! The brand was launched in 2012, and the project team worked on Infiniti makes only. Today the list has been extended by such popular models as Range Rover, Mercedes, Lexus, Tesla and Maserati.

International status

The company is continuously developing and modernizing its production processes. Numerous international exhibitions and forums have already contributed to the establishment of the company positive image. Therefore, LARTE brand has become truly recognizable and has received a unique opportunity to set up its offices in two large automotive countries – Germany and the USA.



Office opening
in Germany

Office opening in Germany



Office opening
in the USA

Office opening in the USA

Motorists from Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East currently use the services of our centres.

Our prizes:



Essen Motor Show

Prize for the 1stplace at the exhibition for the «SUV of the Year» according to well-respected Auto Bild

Prize for the 1stplace at the exhibition for the «SUV of the Year» according to well-respected Auto Bild



Infiniti Germany & Continental

Participation in races on QX70 LR2 project circuit

Participation in races on QX70 LR2 project circuit



Show at Boden See

Honorary prize for the design of Mercedes GL Black Crystal from YOKOHAMA Tuning Award

Honorary prize for the design of Mercedes GL Black Crystal from YOKOHAMA Tuning Award

High standards

We seek to meet the needs of every client of ours as much as possible. Each new tuning package is a unique and unrivalled image with the functionality, matching the character and interests of the vehicle owner.

It is important for us not only to preserve brand recognizability itself, but also discover its potential. Like the most meticulous Swiss watch makers, we precisely evaluate the existing exterior and interior, find the zest in each make.


LARTE Design GmbH has been granted a TÜV certificate, confirming high quality of the tuning sets produced and sold by the company.

TÜV NORD CERT procedures hereby confirm that LARTE Design GmbH applies the management system according to the indicated standard in the following areas: the development, production and sales of tuning sets for vehicles.

The certificate confirms that the above mentioned indicators from the manufacturer meet all the requirements of international and European standards and the laws of the German national traffic service and granting approval as described in Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).

Confirmation LARTE Design

Each tuning project unique features

We can proudly claim that every vehicle that has been tuned in LARTE workshop reaches its soul. It is represented in each new part, function and opportunity. The only and unrivalled, the one that only the owner of the automobile can understand and hear.

LARTE Background


Translated from Italian «l’arte», which means art, and we symbolically interpret the name of the company as «the art to create». It shows person’s personal credo – to create under the laws of nature.


LARTE has invested enough time and efforts to create its own image. For example, its each symbol and sign is a part of one large image. For example, the royal blue of the background stands for the clear Alpine sky. That was the way it was seen by the brand creators still in Germany. Four horseshoes are not just a lucky charm. They form a sign of succession of a living and iron horses. One of the horseshoes is decorated with word LARTE, surrounded by eight lines. This number is not accidental: it is a symbol of wealth and eternity.

We are proud of our emblem, which adorns the bonnet of each produced automobile.


We are open to cooperation and pleased to consider suggestions on cross marketing projects. The quality and exclusive transparency in doing business are our basic principles.

It all starts with design


Similarly to editor’s offices of fashion magazines, our design experts in Germany spend lots of time, scrupulously examining created design layouts, analyzing their drawbacks, continuously correcting and completing their sketches. It is vital to check every detail, starting from the balance of colours, shapes and finishing with the need to install certain functions.

The assessment of technical capacities

Designers are followed by engineering experts, who, at first, assist in selecting the layout best suitable for implementing on the specific make of a car. Once the layout has been chosen, the initial design is adjusted and enhanced to reach perfection.

No computer simulation can beat the result, obtained by manual professional work. Each design work is filled with heart and spirit, it is like a sculpture with new shapes, where different combinations of parts are used. All these eventually create a unique and perfect image.

Automobiles given a new life

Years of hard work have taught the company team to stick to their traditions under any circumstances. Keeping and using quality manual work, which is an important part of production, enables to create ideal models. Like in the best haute couture ateliers, we seek to consider not only designer’s ideas, but also harmoniously combine them with the specific features of the make itself.

We manage to create unique automobiles owing to the basic principles of manual production:

  • Trimming welds
    The task which is manageable for an experienced master only. Similarly to a cutter, or a mechanic, this master spends huge amount of time on aligning a part with high precision.
  • Colour palette selection
    The work of our professional team is neat and accurate. To create each new colour colorists at times stay at their workstations till late in order to identify those required 5-6 shades, which cannot be sometimes created even by software.
  • Using best materials
    We do not save and purchase the best equipment, use only high-technology composite materials with basalt fibres and carbon fabrics.
  • Promt delivery and fast installation
    Our specialist can install 1 kit during 6-8 hours!

But the key and most valuable element is our well-organized and tight-knit team, capable of making an unrivalled high level model out of a standard automobile!

Our partners

We use the experience gained in cooperating with the global leaders of the automotive industry.

RemusREMUS is an Austrian company, a world leader in the production of exhaust systems for sports and exclusive automobiles Especially for us it develops and produces the final exhaust system as well as the shapes of future nozzles.

NOLDENNOLDEN is one of the most famous German companies, creating advanced lights for automobiles Our tuning sets include LED optics, halogen head lights.


LARTE Design USA Inc.
17921 Sky Park Circle, Building 28, Unit F 92614 Irvine, CA
1 (888) 830-3368
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