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Tesla S Elizabeta
Worldwide, the Tesla Model S Elizabeta gained much attention. LARTE Design installed an ultralight basalt fiber bodywork, 22” forged wheels and a thrilling sound module. However, now it’s time to add some new paint! “Colors have a great influence on how we perceive a design – it can make an object look lighter, heavier, more aggressive, more elegant or even faster,” states Alexey Yanovskiy, who is LARTE’s CEO. The LARTE Design studio in California decided to feature America’s favorite car color: white. This paint is making the car very light, elegant and harmonic. Moreover, from a psychological point of view, the sound of bright vehicles is being perceived as more pleasant and less disturbing for passersby.
Tesla Model S
Tesla S Elizabeta black
However, isn’t an electric Tesla always very quiet? Just like any other car tires, suspension and wind are making noise at high speed. Moreover, LARTE Design has installed a terrific electronic module, permitting to choose your own driving sound. If the driver prefers something rather fast and aggressive he will probably also choose another color for his or her car. So what about the red Tesla Model S Elizabeta, which was presented by LARTE Design at this year’s Top Marques Monaco show? This paint makes the car look ultrafast and dynamic. While most car buyers worldwide prefer more neutral colors such as white, black or silver, real sports cars have always been a good choice in red and other striking tones.
Nevertheless, the LARTE Design headquarters in Moscow, Russia, has decided to build a black Elizabeta, too. Traditionally, the upper class in many countries prefers black luxury cars. Dark vehicles are looking very elegant, noble, massive and also a little bit aggressive. Furthermore, black makes a very “lean” impression, which perfectly fits the efficient Tesla Model S Elizabeta. By presenting one and the same car in three colors to the press we want to show how surprisingly different this vehicle can look.
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