AutoBild tested the Maserati Levante Shtorm

The Experts of the German edition of AutoBild tested the Maserati Levante Shtorm by LARTE Design. LARTE Design together with partners has modified the first Maserati Levante crossover. Maserati Levante Shtorm in AutoBild Oct 2018 The engine power was increased on 36 forces – up to 311 “horses” (659 Nm), the interior was altered and the external tuning kit called Shtorm was installed. We emphasize that all parts and procedures produced by LARTE Design specialists are TÜV certified – that confirms of compliance with high quality and safety standards. The tuning studio managed to accomplish almost the impossible: TÜV-certified even a forced engine. Maserati Levante Shtorm was handed over to the experts of the oldest automobile publication in Germany – the authoritative magazine AutoBild. Share their opinions. Tuning Kit Shorm for Maserati Levante “Crossovers and SUVs are the fastest growing segment of the automotive market, and even Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini have launched their SUVs, breaking all the templates. Maserati also did not stand aside and decided to keep up with modern trends: at the end of 2016, Levante appeared, currently heading the top car brand sales. Only in Germany in 2017, 1031 units of the model were sold, and two thirds of the total volume fell on diesel modifications. Today, we also have a diesel Levante on the test drive, prepared by the LARTE Design, the tuning studio, which has the status of an international company that is actively working in Europe, the USA and Russia. Levante SUV bodykit by LARTE Design The Shtorm tuning kit for Levante consists of 17 carbon fiber elements, each of which was homologated in Germany. Each. This is a really complicated procedure, but the persistence of the LARTE Design team can be envied: all parts has TÜV certificates, including the front bumper covers, side moldings, rear bumper diffuser and trunk lid spoiler. Note that in addition to meeting the requirements of quality and safety, this tuning package is really beautiful and organic, it makes the car completely different from the production version. All parts are made at an exceptionally high level; there are also no complaints about the quality of their installation. The Interior of Maserati Levante was also changed by LARTE Design and received a finish of Nappa leather and black and red Alcantara. Materials have excellent dressing and add interior refinement. Custom made by LARTE Design You can not fault the increased engine power – it only underlined the external charisma, but 22-inch wheels on wide tires are not always stable in turns, but impressive behavior in this case is nothing more than a payment for exquisite beauty. ”     Tuning Kit Custom made TUV certificat LARTE Design GmbH TUV certificat LARTE Design GmbH TUV certificat LARTE Design GmbH                     Autobild October 2018 Autobild October 2018          
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