Range Rover Sport Winner

Winner Tuning Package for Range Rover Sport

Winner body kit fits (can be installed) on LR RR Sport models ranging from 2014 m.y.

What is included in Winner tuning kit:

Front Bumper RR-SP-LR-001.00


Daytime Running Lights Set 2720.0


Emblem Small -


Reflectors Set LR-010.00


Rear Bumper RR-SP-LR-002.00


Radiator Grille RR-SP-LR-004.00


Emblem as a Shield -


Custom made Range Rover Sport Winner

LARTE Design has turned the Range Rover Sport into a Winner. This SUV stands out for its exceptionally talented base model with an exciting tuning kit. Its body kit is a class unto itself in terms of both quality and showy looks.

What’s new in Range Rover Sport Winner?

Its front is shaped very aggressive and dynamic. This is underscored by the uniquely designed front grill, characterized by three frames in the form of inverted trapezoids. The front apron completes the assertive and martial design. Various polygons, air inlets and light steps make the bumper appear almost biological.

An impressive stylistic element is the LED daytime running lights by the German supplier Nolden, seated in the upper spoiler fins. More irregular polygons aside, the new four-flow LARTE exhaust system is accommodated here as well and, with its black-chrome-plated tailpipes, looks particularly daring.

From the front, the eye wanders along the black “sports band”, which extends the roof and connects it with the rear of the SUV. Here, the RANGE ROVER SPORT WINNER body kit reveals its elegant aspect. Small spoiler fins and fine air inlets loosen up the design. The necessary dynamism is provided by boomerang-shaped grids on the sides, stretching into the wings.

And finally there is the central LED brake light, which is now becoming a hallmark of LARTE large SUV bodykits. It goes without saying that the internationally renowned tuning company also provides the right glossy black alloy wheels to make the visuals complete.

New look

LARTE Design has painted the most exclusive edition of its Range Rover Sport Winner for the Top Marques Monaco Show 2015 in blue and silver combination of colors. Thus, you can enjoy a new look of the car, which up to now has only been presented in white, wearing its “dinner jacket” in the noble principality.

And if you prefer a production diesel or gasoline engine to the tuned V8 diesel that is no problem either. After all, the LARTE RANGE ROVER SPORT WINNER is exactly what it says with whichever engine.

All components of this custom body kit are made of high-quality composite materials at LARTE production facilities. The equipment may differ from the gallery photos, please 

To find out where to have this package installed and for cost details, give us a call today at
USA – 1 (888) 830-3368
GERMANY – 49 (0) 178-8114773
or email us at larte@larte-design.com


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