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Design & Production

Everything starts with an idea

Sketches of new cars with tuning parts are developed by our studio designers. We choose one sketch out of several presented, and rework it until we get it to fit the car concept perfectly and bring out its character.

Tuning Kits

Luxury Car Tuning Kits

To highlight the character of your car, we’ve developed a tuning package, which includes front & rear bumpers, LED daytime lights, tail pipes, side skirts and a spoiler. Together all the components create a sporty look, enhance aerodynamics and can even increase power.


Our Gallery

Larte Design is a unique collaboration between a creative team of designers, engineers and marketing managers, each with over 10 years of extensive experience within the automotive tuning industry.



Results Driven

Experience shows that perfect production result cannot be achieved on machines even with advanced software. The parts of the new tuning kit are molded directly on the car in order to visualize its future image.  No wonder supercars are still manufactured by hand.

Proven Technology

Our kits are designed in our modern European design studio where our specialists oversee the whole process from draft to finished product. Our highly-equipped workshop allows us to bring complicated ideas to life with perfect quality and quick turnaround.

Winning Culture

Today our company employs more than 50 unique and single-discipline professionals as well as professional managers. Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machines, though some of the operations are performed manually.

Top Performance

Our core business principles are quality and transparent relationships with partners. As opposed to competitors we produce exclusive tuning kits, use additional LED and fog lights and our exhaust systems custom-made by leading European manufacturers.

Tuning Kits

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